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JDM Project Car Ideas

JDM cars are becoming super popular when it comes to project cars. From Subaru’s to Honda’s and everything in between. Instead of taking the traditional route, we’ve included some additional ideas for you to consider for your next project car.

90’s Toyota Tacoma

So many made, but so much creativity can be had when it comes to personalizing your Tacoma. There is a huge community of people keeping these rad trucks running and they will likey not part with them which will drive up the prices in the long run.

Vans aren’t for Everyone, but Van Life may be!

Look into these smaller Japanese vans that are hitting the US shores. They are usually super low mileage and in pretty good condition.

Modern Toyota Tacoma

Who says that your project car need be old! The modern Toyota Tacoma has a huge base of vendors who will let you live the Overland life or just let you get out and go camping on the weekend!

Samurai Everything

Rad little off-roaders these Samurai’s are the best when it comes to cheap fun, but you better watch out or else you might get addicted!

240 / 280Z’s

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have noticed the popularity of the Z cars now adays.  They are still pretty reasonable to pick up for a project, but may soon not be! Keep an eye out for rust on these gems.

These are just some of my thoughts, what are yours?  Leave comments with more ideas below!