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Baby Gifts for Overlanders

Just because you are a new parent, or maybe this is your second little explorer — take baby with you! Below is a selection of Baby Gifts for Overlanders that I wish I had from my time growing up camping and navigating the Rubicon Trail with my parents. My parents successfully completed the trail a number of times with a sleu of Land Rovers (1965 Series IIa, 1997 Defender 90 and a 1993 NAS Spec Defender 110). If they were to do it again, I’m sure they would have appreciated these gifts.

Mission Critical Baby Carrier and Diaper Bag Kit

My #1 pick on my wishlist of new dad stuff when I was about to have kids was this. This is a military themed kit for carrying baby. Unfortunately, once we realized we were having Twins I quickly found out there was no solution for twins and we ended up with a huge stroller instead! But not to worry checkout Mission Critical for more!

Curious George Goes Camping

Who doesn’t love Curious George? We sure do and this one is overlanding at Georges best! Check it out on Amazon, it is a quick win for those who love to go camping.

Baby Monitor for Naps with 2 Parent Units

When my kids were much younger, we bought a monitor that had 2 cameras (makes sense for twins right?), well this one is for those adventuous parents who are out relaxing under the tree up to 1000 feet away taking a nap themselves or over at a friends camp site. Monitor the kid(s) separeately and be prepared! Checkout Amazon for the latest prices.

Table Stakes Gifts

Below you will find an assortment of Gifts that I recommend to all Moms, Dads, Grandparents and Friends of enthusiasts. I tried to give a bit of reasoning for each selection and most are based on my learnings as a dad of twins. 

Go Dog Go

My favorite, I mean my kids favorite… Well we like to read Go Dog Go soo much that we are now on our 5 copy of the book. For you I have already linked to the “Library Bound” version which costs a little more but frankly, would have paid for itself a few times over by now. Check the price over at Amazon

Hot Wheels 50-Pack

Ok, right now my kids are 3.75 years old and literally every time we go to the grocery store, target or the like I am the one looking at the Hot Wheels and they are the ones looking at the other junk. 8 times out of 10 I get my way and we go home with a few new Hot Wheels, but just so you win take home this bulk pack of 50 so that when you are there your kids or grandkids can take home some plastic junk and everybody wins! Check Amazon for the latest prices, they are not too bad.

Really Any Car Stereo with Wireless CarPlay or Android Auto

Save yourself the hassle of wires, vent mounts and more with one of these Stereos from Pioneer, Sony or Alpine. You can now have Waze directly on the headunit and when stopped (or at the Burger Driver Through) watching Videos to keep the kids quiet. I wish I had bought one sooner! Click over to Amazon for the latest prices.

Biodegradable Toys

Sadly gone are the days of all metal Tonka Trucks. These are made from a plastic that is safe for landfills and frankly they hold up pretty well.  I currently have a fleet of them in the raised beds of my backyard that serve as a sand pit for my kids.  They have been out there 2 years now and are still holding up really well. No fading even! Click over to Amazon for the latest prices and kits available.

MotoR Trend on Demand

I must have been one of the first customers when this service came out because I have literally recommended this to every car guy I know. The best part is that they have a mobile application so that Dad can watch races in them middle of the night while bottle feeding and burping. Give the gift of antics and motorsport. Checkout Motor Trend On Demand for more.

Anker Jump Starter Kit

Anker knows how to build electronics equipment and when they moved into Automotive I picked up everything from their USB chargers to black iPhone cables to be discreet.  Dad does not want to be left waiting for a tow truck or motorist to jump their car while at the airport coming back from visiting the grand parents in Iowa (sadly true story, but this saved me!). Get the jump starter so they are back in business and on the road with in seconds (not minutes!).  Checkout Amazon for more.

Sony RX100

One of the first things I purchased right after my kids were born was a nicer camera that was small and would take really great pictures. I was new to photography at the time and quickly realized that the Kit Lense that came with my camera (Sony A5000) was terrible so I decided to purchase a nicer lense. All in the budget camera I thought I was saving money on ended up costing 1.5 times as much as one of these RX100’s! Crazy, anyway looking back I wish I had purchsed one of these and that is why I recommned it to you. See Amazon for the latest prices and specs.

These are just some of my thoughts, what are yours?  Leave comments with more ideas below!