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AmericaN Project Car Ideas

American cars are super popular when it comes to project cars. From Ford’s to Cadillac’s and everything in between. Instead of taking the traditional route, we’ve included some additional ideas for you to consider for your next project car.

Malaise-era Muscle Cars

Often overlooked there are some real gems in the mid-late 70’s muscle cars. From Rivieras to Fury II’s these are quickly falling into disrepair and can be rather cheaply found on Craigslist for a song. Give them a look.

LS Swapped Suburban

LS Swaps are huge these days and many of the modern “SUV’s” just don’t cut it for most car guys. For you, I suggest looking into finding a copy with great patina, clearn coating it and doing an LS swap and add an air conditioner so you’ll be nice and cool on those hot August days!

Anything Dualie

Whether you are a Ford, Dodge or pick a brand, everybody loves a Dualie. The fenders, the extra tires and the size just over powers everything on the road. I am a big fans of restoring older tired Dualies to live another day!


Not all projects have to be old, what about a more modern Jeep? There tons of aftermarket customizations and options for making your project Jeep yours! Don’t over look these as an idea.


When you show up at the local super market or Costco in a Willy’s, everyboy, literally everybody will stop and look. They are super fun to drive, slowly that is! These are starting to increase in price but still have a huge aftermarket regardless of the state of your Willy’s.

These are just some of my thoughts, what are yours?  Leave comments with more ideas below!